Learn with Lucy is a beginner Excel course with a difference

Comprehensive curriculum · Real-world data · Focused on problem-solving · Inspired by chickens

Hi, I'm Lucy. 👋 A year ago I couldn't use Excel. Now I can. We filmed every step and made this course. So if you're ready to go from Excel beginner to wizard, don't learn it alone – learn along with me!

How we work

  • Lucy is introduced to concepts ‘live’ on camera

    She starts from (basically) scratch. Johnny, our teacher, has used Excel at work for decades. Classmates learn along with Lucy, fly-on-the-wall style.

  • Our lesson examples show real-world data

    In real life, work and personal data can be confusing and messy – it's handy to be prepared for that.

  • We focus on everyday problem-solving

    We don't just scroll through all the menus – we learn how to understand and use Excel.

Course format

Lesson videos

We have a mix of structured lessons where we learn the Excel features needed to solve a problem. And practical lessons where we improve an existing spreadsheet. 14 hours in total.

Supportive downloads

Colourful summary PDFs (no need to take notes), lesson spreadsheets (so you can review what we did), and practise spreadsheets with cardio exercises.


A fun way to cement our new knowledge.

The occasional chicken

Because we can.

Bonus material

  • Business Class

    We want you to look good at work. In these bonus lessons, we look at techniques to solve some common workplace problems using realistic, messy data.

  • The course map

    A list of everything in the course, with links to lesson videos. See where you are and where you're going. Need to review something? Search the notes to find the right lesson.

  • VLOOKUP Wings

    As well as a course completion certificate, we also have limited-edition stickers for students who earn their VLOOKUP Wings. We salute you.

Take a peak inside

And see how we're different.



"Informative, accessible and a heap of fun – Learn with Lucy demystifies 'Excel logic' and empowers you to make the most out of Excel as a practical, everyday problem-solving tool."


"This is the first Excel course that I have looked forward to doing as it's so engaging and interesting! The way it's delivered takes away the 'boring' feeling of spreadsheet lessons and really has you listening and even wanting more. I learned so many things that I had no idea about and I’m excited to use these skills in my job."


“I completed the course last week and it's excellent. Easy to follow and even though I consider myself an advanced Excel user (I was simply beta-testing it), I actually learned quite a few new things I had no idea about. I have already signed both of my parents up as they are aware of Excel, but want to understand Excel properly and the initial feedback from them is also excellent. I thoroughly approve.”

Johnny's colleague

“You go through things more slowly and explain them better than the other guy.”


  • Why pay for a course when I can watch YouTube for free?

    YouTube is great for tips and quick fixes. But it's not a learning platform. Our course is hosted on Thinkific – a place designed to help online students succeed. You'll stay motivated by tracking your progress, and doing quizzes and exercises to reinforce the lessons. By the end you will *understand* Excel – not just know some buttons and functions. Free tips and tricks will only get you so far. We'll give you the deep knowledge you'll rely on throughout your career. 💪

  • Will I be learning the right things for a beginner?

    Johnny took a lot of care preparing the lesson plans. The curriculum covers a manageable range of functions, features, keyboard shortcuts, and techniques. We'll give you the fundamentals you need, and none of the stuff you don't.

  • Can I get my boss to pay for this?

    An excellent idea! Bosses often have training budgets they need to spend and aren't sure how. If not, maybe you could claim it as a tax deduction. It'll depend if Excel is central to your job. Ask your accountant (or check your government's tax website) if this course counts as work-related self-education.

  • How long are the lesson videos?

    The average length is about 15 minutes – bite-sized so they're couch/commute-friendly.

  • Do you have a money-back guarantee?

    Yes. Within 7 days of purchase. No questions asked.

  • Does it matter if I have a Mac or PC?

    No. We use a Mac with Office 365. But Excel is basically the same on PCs apart from the shortcut keys and the layout of some areas, which we’ll highlight where relevant.

  • Does this course contain any bad swears or explicit content?

    Gosh no.

  • What's with the chickens?

    They inspired the first section of this course. And they kept us sane while we were making it. Thank you ladies.


Lucy Butcher

I’m a science writer. I could nose around inside Excel, but I didn’t know how to use it. I treated it as a handy grid, manually entering numbers after doing maths on a calculator (eep). There’s so many ways I could have organised information with Excel and made work/life easier. So that’s why I’m here – to learn it inside out. Finally.

Johnny Noble

Johnny manages complex computer-related things at work. His first computer was a Sinclair ZX Spectrum (nerd alert). He uses Excel every day to store and manipulate data. Importantly for us, he’s also a friendly, fun human who is pretty good at explaining complicated things. He’s here to help me (and you) understand Excel and start solving problems.


  1. Pack 1. Chickens (the problem)

  2. Types

  3. Functions and formulas

  4. Cell referencing

  5. Egg log (sheet fix-up)

  6. Chickens (the solution)

About this course

  • $47.00
  • 14 hours of video content

Price options

Get full access, forever (including to any new content we add) by choosing the one-time payment or the 3-month payment plan.

Still unsure?

See how we work in this free lesson on Pivot Tables.

Our promise to you

  • We will:

    Use a manageable amount of features and formulas to solve problems; reinforce good Excel habits; create a learning experience that won’t put you to sleep; build on our skills as we go so everything sinks in; help you become one of those people that cause others to say “Geez ... you're good”.

  • We won't:

    Monotonously trawl through every menu and button; try to convince you that you need to know everything about Excel to be successful; use examples with fake sales figures (yawn).