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We do things a little differently

We’re about everyday problem-solving using fundamental Excel features and formulas. The same tactics we learn can be applied to serious work stuff.

Lucy is starting from (basically) scratch and is introduced to key concepts ‘live’ on camera by Johnny, someone who has used Excel at work for decades. 

Classmates will learn along with Lucy, fly-on-the-wall style. It doesn’t matter if you’re a total beginner or have been bumbling along for years. No judgement – we’re in this together.

Sample lesson video

By the end of this course you will have been exposed to a range of Excel functions, features, keyboard shortcuts, and problem-solving techniques for real-world scenarios.

We're committed to:

  • Showing how to use a manageable amount of features and formulas to solve problems.

  • Reinforcing good Excel habits.

  • Creating a learning experience that is different and (hopefully) won’t put you to sleep.

  • Building on our skills as we go so everything sinks in and we learn it for good.

  • Making it a friendly, nerdy adventure.

  • Helping you become one of those people at work that cause others to say “Geez ... you're good”.

We promise not to:

  • Monotonously slog our way through every Excel menu and button.

  • Try to convince you that you need to remember everything about Excel to be successful.

  • Use example spreadsheets with fake sales figures (yawn).

  • Make chickens sad.

Course format

The course has three learning packs containing:

Cartoon icon of an old fashioned tv
Lesson videos
Structured lessons where we learn about the Excel features and concepts needed to solve a problem.
Practical-style lessons where we apply what we’ve learned to review and improve an existing sheet.
The videos are unscripted, but don’t let that fool you. Johnny has taken a lot of care preparing the lesson plans and course map.
Cartoon icon of a pile of books about functions, types and Booleans
Supportive downloads
Lucy’s lesson summaries – guaranteed to brighten even the drabbest office cubicle.
The actual spreadsheets we work on – so you can see what we did and practice with the data.
 Cartoon icon of a school test paper
 A fun way to cement our new knowledge.

Cartoon icon of sign posts pointing in different directions that read cell referencing, formatting and VLOOKUP

The course map

The map has everything we’ll cover in the course, with links to lesson videos. 

Check in with the map regularly to see where you are and what you’ve got to look forward to. Or if you need to quickly review something, check the map notes to find the right lesson.

Cartoon icon of a striped necktie

Business Class

We also have a special collaboration with our work personas called Business Class

In these occasional lessons, we look at techniques to solve some common workplace problems using realistic data. We want to help make you look good at work, and be top of the list for that wood-panelled corner office and new Blackberry you’ve had your eye on.

Price options

Get full access, forever (including to any new content we add) by choosing the one-time payment or the 3-month payment plan. Or get month-by-month access by subscribing for as long as you choose.

  • Comprehensive

    If you want to understand Excel for real, and for this to be the last course you ever have to do – this is for you.

  • Money-back guarantee

    Applies to the one-time or '3 easy payments' options. Within 7 days. No questions asked.

  • Made in Australia.

    By premium, locally-sourced nerds.

Meet your classmates

I’m a science writer. I could nose around inside spreadsheets, but I didn’t know how to use Excel. I treated spreadsheets as handy grids, manually entering numbers after doing maths on a calculator (eep). 

There’s so many ways I could have organised information with Excel and made work/life easier. I wish I could get back all the budgets, savings plans and tax calculations I’ve done on paper scraps. I could have solved each problem once with proper maths and automation and updated the files as needed.

So that’s why I’m here – to learn the crap out of Excel. Finally.

Cartoon drawing of Johnny in a Polaroid frame

Johnny manages complex computer-related things at work. His first computer was a Sinclair ZX Spectrum and he enjoys this emulation of the world’s first spreadsheet. This should tell you all you need to know. 

He uses Excel at work every day to store and manipulate data, and solve all sorts of problems. Importantly for us, he’s also a friendly, fun human who is pretty good at explaining complicated things. I’ve learned a lot from him about what happens inside computers.

He’s here to show me (and you) how to start problem-solving in Excel.


  • Does it matter if I have a Mac or PC?

    No. We use a Mac with Office 365. But Excel is basically the same on PCs apart from the shortcut keys and the layout of some areas, which we’ll highlight where relevant.

  • How long are the lesson videos?

    The average length is about 15 minutes. We wanted to keep them bite-sized so they're couch/commute-friendly.

  • What are the payment options?

    The one-time and '3 easy payments' options give you full access to the course (including to any new content we add) whenever you like. Forever. Or get month-by-month access by subscribing for as long as you choose.

  • Is this course tax deductible?

    It might be. It depends if Excel is central to your job. Ask your accountant (or check your government's tax website) if this course counts as work-related self-education.

  • Do you have a money-back guarantee?

    Yes. It applies to the one-time or '3 easy payments' options. Within 7 days of purchase. No questions asked.

  • Are you committed to the accessibility of this course?

    You bet. More accessibility features will be added as we roll things out, such as subtitles and alt text, where appropriate. Suggestions are welcome if you think we can improve accessibility.

  • Does this course contain any bad swears or explicit content?

    Gosh no.

  • Do you do anything nice for the world?

    We plan to. At the moment we're signed up to Stripe Climate. Which means once we reach a certain number of students, Stripe will “direct a fraction of ... revenue to help scale emerging carbon removal technologies”. We also plan to donate to practical educational and scientific causes that we believe in. These will be listed here in future.

  • Can I get an autograph from a chicken?

    Sure, if you’re an enrolled student that asks nicely, and the chicken agrees.



“I completed the course last week and it is excellent. Very easy to follow and even though I would consider myself quite an advanced Excel user (I was simply beta-testing it), I actually learned quite a few new things I had no idea about. I have already signed both of my parents up as they are aware of Excel, but want to understand Excel properly and the initial feedback from them is also excellent. I thoroughly approve.”

Johnny's colleague

“You go through things more slowly and explain them better than the other guy.”

Good manners policy

For the record, this is a safe place that welcomes all friendly humans.

We reserve the right to delete comments/block anyone not being respectful to each other or us on any platform. This works both ways. We’re not going to hassle you to “review, like and subscribe”, bombard you with email, pester you with sleazy upselling marketing, or steal your data. Gross. We’ll all be learning together in this bubble. To learn new things, it helps to be a bit vulnerable. We’re going to make mistakes, ask random questions, and feel silly sometimes (Lucy is being recorded doing all these things! 🙈). That’s okay. We’ll be wizards by the end of this.


    1. Housekeeping

    2. Welcome to learning pack 1 – chickens

    1. Chickens (part 1)

    2. Chickens (part 2)

    3. Lucy's summary sheet

    1. Types (part 1)

    2. Types (part 2)

    3. Bonus: Real life type trouble

    4. Lucy's summary sheet

    5. Quiz 🤷🏼‍♀️

    1. Functions and formulas (part 1)

    2. Functions and formulas (part 2)

    3. Lucy's summary sheet

    4. Quiz 🙋🏾‍♀️

    1. Cell referencing (part 1)

    2. Cell referencing (part 2)

    3. Bonus: The difference between a function and a formula

    4. Lucy's summary sheet

    5. Quiz 🙋🏻‍♀️

    6. Assignment: Update the Excel sheet

    7. Spreadsheet: TEXTJOIN and cell referencing practice

    1. Egg log (part 1)

    2. Egg log (part 2)

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